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We’re a Dubai-based firm focused on the vibrant oil and gas trading world.
Our goal is clear: to market a diverse range of petroleum products and offer related services such as sourcing and efficient delivery to our valued customers.

With a team of experts deeply rooted in the oil and gas industry, complemented by the fresh perspectives of our talented young professionals, we’ve formed a company dedicated to exceptional service on a global scale.

Our vision is to swiftly expand our footprint in the Oil and Gas markets, fostering robust relationships with key industry players. This includes oil producers, refineries, warehouse and terminal owners, and ship owners facilitating oil product transportation. These partnerships are integral to creating mutually beneficial experiences for all who collaborate with us.

At MANDARINE OIL and GAS TRADING, we’re committed to excellence, innovation, and building lasting partnerships that drive success in the dynamic world of oil and gas trading.

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We are guided by a singular vision to be a beacon of sustainability, excellence, and responsibility in the oil and gas industry. Let’s start a conversation !